IP and technology expert group

  • Kwang Seok, Choi / Patent Attorney

    Semiconductor, display, general machinery, construction machinery, automobile, civil engineering, architecture, 3D printing, medical equipment, POS, fishing goods, glass

    T. +82-2-589-4500
    E. cks@zeuslaw.co.kr

  • Min Ho, Yeon / Patent Attorney

    Semiconductor, communication, standard, artificial intelligence, deep learning,
    machine learning, optics, mobile, prosecution, MEMS

    T. +82-2-589-4509
    E. mhyeon@zeuslaw.co.kr

  • Min Seok, Kang / Patent Attorney

    Semiconductor, information technology, energy IT, power generation, telecommunications, Internet, computer software, business model, e-commerce

    T. +82-2-589-4507
    E. mskang@zeuslaw.co.kr

  • Jae Young, Choi / Department head

    General manager of IP prosecution, registration and management

    T. +82-2-589-4509
    E. cjy84510@zeuslaw.co.kr