Exceptional professionalism

We provide differentiated and specialized services with expertise in each technology field and know-how accumulated through various intellectual property legal services.

  • IP Prosecution
    IP Prosecution

    Companies have the exclusive right to implement them by registering their intellectual property with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.
    ZEUS IP Law Firm provides application and registration services for domestic and foreign patents, utility models, trademarks and designs with rich and diverse experience in protecting the rights of these valuable clients.

    - Patent/utility model application, OA response, registration
    - Design application, OA response, registration
    - Trademark application, OA response, registration
  • IP Dispute
    IP Dispute

    In case of not effectively attacking/defending in a legal dispute over intellectual property rights, the intellectual property rights may eventually become invalid or practically meaningless.
    ZEUS IP Law Firm produces the most successful results in all legal disputes surrounding clients' intellectual property rights with high-level expertise and long experience.

    - Patent, utility model invalidation/infringement litigation
    - Design invalidation/infringement litigation
    - Trademark invalidation/infringement litigation
  • IP Consulting
    IP Consulting

    For successful business, companies need to understand the trend and current status of the relevant technology field and find the direction of product development.
    ZEUS IP Law Firm presents the optimal patent map to companies and provides differentiated and customized consulting.

    - Prior art research and analysis
    - Corporate customized patent research/analysis consulting
    - Patent map search for competitor analysis
    - Investigation of patent technology trends in the same field
    - IP-R&D consulting